Free Games, and Gaming sites that pay you to play with them


These types of sites and games, are sharing ad and gaming revenue with you

So make sure you support the site, promote it and if you got the money. Invest some into it.

Single Game Sites

Dungeons and Treasures

Goozik Special for joining this under me: Check the "Markets" "Players market" for a weapon for sale with-in 48hr(usually 24hrs) for a free weapon from me.
Play for more then 3 days and I will throw you XP potions for free as well. (again check players market)

An adventure game, where you have a character that is on a  constant quest to find gold, crawl dungeons, upgrade and level, sell items and compete in contests for prizes.
The adventures lasts one month. Since the adventure begins the first day of each month at midnight and
finishes the last day of each month after midnight.
The site has several tricks to win money : dungeons, contests, bonus games, temple, sponsoring, weapon sale,and chests.
At the end of each month, your gold is converted into real cash. Your character is then reset to level zero and you start again for the next month, your cash stockpiles until you have enough for cashout.

Upgrade options.
$10 min withdraw.

Gaming sites

Kado Kado

This one is a bit different in the fact the you can win money and withdraw w/out ever depositing! That's right, you get 4 free gameplays everyday, they don't stack up, so log in each day.
You can buy additional game credits as well.

Slightly better ranking system then most as you stay the same rank for each period of the game, which is 14days.
At the end of each period you will game additional credits based on your overall performance in the game during that period compared to others in your current skill rank.

50+ games with @ least one new one each month. Some have to be earned with your skill levels, others by your VIP level, and others you can buy.
The only "bad" thing about this site, is the single payout option, which is Gift cards.

Pogo - Please enter "Goozik" in referral box is a great site to play many games for free while playing for a chance to win money several differnt ways. Over 80 differnt games. Many more avilable for subscribers.

 All games will earn you "tokens" which can be used to enter 1 of 3 raffles. One $50 daily drawing. One $250 weekly drawing. One $1000 Monthly drawing. Many games also geature a Jackpot. Do so well in any game featuring one and you will earna  jackpot spin, where you can will everything from some instant cash from $5 to the jackpot amount(which maxs at $4,999), T-shirts,Hats,Additional Tokens, and other prizes. All games also feature a chat room attached to them, which you can close if you so feel the need. Only downside to this site is every once in a while you will have to view a 30 second add, The game will wait til you are done playing b4 you watch an add, so it never interrupts your play to do it.


With penny in hand, users may begin ascending the Moola Tower: The progressive level system at the heart of the tournament model. On level 1, a player will be matched in a 2-player game against another player who also has 1 penny. Players may choose from a variety of existing games, and Moola will regularly offer new titles to choose from. The winner of this game will emerge with the other's penny, for a total of 2¢, and have the opportunity to continue climbing to the next double or nothing level.
Keep playing double or nothing for 30 levels, all the way up to to win 10 million.(by I think you'll withdraw before that)

Cashout options:Pays by check in mail.
$10 min withdraw.


You get a number of free plays per day, they don't carry over, so long in each day.
Over a dozen games available

Withdraw is done by claiming gifts with the points you have earned.
Option to upgrade.

I won

Download necessary.
Play games, earn tickets.
Use tickets on sweepstakes entry's.